Written by  2014-10-05

Lifestyle museum annex opening done

Artvin’s first and only museum in the villiage of Dikyamac lifestyle museum annex building was inaugrated.Naim özkazanc and prof. Dr. Maksut coşkun conducted by the museum,the opening of an additional building attended hasan ongu,uğur bayraktutan,Muhammet önder,coşkun hekşmoğlu and idris Numanoğlu and many citizens.

Spaking at the opening of coşkun Hekimoğlu said “the muesum is very pround.Traditional materyals are exhibited.I thank naim özkazanc and prof.dr mksut coşkun.I wish to be good.”

In opening speech thanked everyone.At the opening ceremony uğur bayraktutan,Muhammet onder naim Numanoğlu,maksut coşkun,idris numaoğlu spoke about the ceremony.

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"You came with love"

The museum is situated in the center of Dikyamaç Village and only 14 km far away from Arhavi for the visitors who are on the road of Mençuna Waterfall and 5 km far away from Old Twin vaulted Bridge (Çifte Köprü).