Written by  2012-10-25

Artvin’s first and only museum opened

Arhavi connected to the Dikyamac villiage,lifestyle museum was opened by businesman Nam Özkazanc. Artvin governor Necmettin Kalkan opened the museum.The celebration,there was an interest from domestic and foreign.During raiy weather,the opening was great enthusiasm Artvin’s the first and ony museum was destired to Arhavi Dikyamac villiage.

The museum building was restored by Naim Özkazanc.The opening celebration attended governor Necmettin Kalkan,as well as the district governor Bülent Bayraktar,Mayor CoşkunHakinoğlu,our businessmen Yavuz Batum,Naim Özkazanc,Ankara Univercity lecturer prof.Dr. Maksut coşkun,İstanbul University prof. Avni Kuru,Tbilisi State Universitiy Department of Turkology Faculty Krti Lortkipanidze,nato and zezva kavtaradze,artist birol Topaloğlu,political partier district leaders,civil society organizations and the surrounding villiages fom citizens.

Artvin governor celebration because of his fest program.Dikyamac villiage of the district governor,the mayor,the villiage headman and villiagers welcomed to the governor.Governor appreciated the people of the villiage.Governor said” artvin’s first museum opens.This museum is traditional life in the present day the materials are exhibited.So thank people of Dikyamac villiage and businessman Naim Öakazanc.Destored school restored and examples of Works has emerged indigenous people in support are very important.I wish the museum to be benefical.This museum will contribute to tourism Arhavi showed differences.

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"You came with love"

The museum is situated in the center of Dikyamaç Village and only 14 km far away from Arhavi for the visitors who are on the road of Mençuna Waterfall and 5 km far away from Old Twin vaulted Bridge (Çifte Köprü).