The museum annex ceremony was held

Last year, construction was completed and is the subject of traditional life,crafts and local people of the exhibition of equipment tools they have at home,the ceremony fort the construction of additional building of Arhavi’s were conducted.

Businessmen of our Naim Özkazanç completed with support of the museum building.Before it was primary school.The ceremony actualized public interest and with Naim Özkazanç of İdris Numanoğlu,the head of the villiage.Then naim özkazanc gave information about this building.Prof.Dr. Maksut coşkun said his pleasure and thanked the people.

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"You came with love"

The museum is situated in the center of Dikyamaç Village and only 14 km far away from Arhavi for the visitors who are on the road of Mençuna Waterfall and 5 km far away from Old Twin vaulted Bridge (Çifte Köprü).